Learning more about top level domains (TLD)

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In case you’ve been using the Internet for a while, you have probably noticed that there are many different domains out there. It turns out that domains are very important for the online presence of any business and/or individual. They can contribute to the success or failure of your online venture. So, if you have a plan to launch a website, you should analyze your domain options, especially top level domains (TLD).

Domains like .org, .net, and .com are used globally and they represent top level domains. This means that there are no other domain extensions before or after them. It is very easy to register a domain like this. All you have to do is to find a reputable registration service provider and follow the step by step guide. There is more than one good reason why you should use top level domains. The fact is that most Internet users know these three domains and they expect websites to end with this kind of domain extensions.

However, in addition to this three top level domains, there are domains that represent specialized extensions and they were created for different purposes. Let’s take .mil or .gov domains for instance. These domains are used by military and government organization and agencies. In addition, .edu is a domain used by educational organizations. We should also mention that there are so-called alternative top level domains like .info, .biz or .web. In the last few years, the IANA has unveiled few other top level domains like .guru, .travel, .pro and more.

Another thing that every future website owner should know is that there are local top level domains available too. Instead of using general international domains, individuals and organizations can use local domains to address their visitors in a better way. Obviously, this is a good solution in case you have a target audience that comes from one country (or at least most of them are coming from one country). So, if you have a website that’s focused on the UK market, it’s much smarter to use .co.uk local top level domain instead of .com.

Selecting the most suitable domain for your website is crucial for the future of your website. By learning more about top level domains (TLD) you should be able to understand this importance. Take some time, do your homework and select the top level domain that matches your needs, requirements, and desires.